Now I know you could spend time in any old dixieland town
And drink whiskey and get drunk until the sun goes down
But where the clean air and the music drift year round through my windowsill
That's my hometown; that's my Fayetteville

Fayetteville, Arkansas
That's the place where my ma and pa
Lived in a little white house on the south side
Doing whatever they had to do to get by
I been poor and happy, I been poor and sad,
rich and glad maybe I never will
But even if I die
I know the days go by
In my hometown of Fayetteville

You can walk from the square on down to Dickson Street
Here a little band playing and get something good to eat
You can get a little bit rowdy and the cops don't mind (not too much)
Well, you just be careful getting home tonight

We're gonna drink this liquor
We're gonna drink our beer
We've been coming in drunk at the University the last two hundred years
Even if we drop dead
We know the teachers is well read
at Old Main down in Fayetteville

Down in Fayetteville
We love our town
We like to cast our ballots and make sure nothing funny goes down
Our city is wealthy
And our people are healthier
But they sweep our votes down to Arkadelphia

This Ozark Diamond's getting bigger every day
When the hogs win another bowl game everything will be okay, I feel
Another beautiful sky
Another pig will fly
In the city of Fayetteville


from From the Red Carpet Room, released March 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Sean Key Isla Vista, California

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